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Simon Beckett - Where There's Smoke

Simon Beckett - Where There's Smoke

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3.4/5 Goodreads

Inside the room it is even darker. It is like walking in ink. Blind, she feels her way through the half familiar landmarks of beds and bookshelves. Her heart thuds. Blood from the wound is sticky, and at her touch there is a white leap of pain that lightens the darkness… Meet Kate Powell. She is successful, single, and likes to be in control. Lately, though, her life has begun to feel a little shallow. A little meaningless. All to aware that her body clock is ticking, Kate believes she knows how to fix it. She wants a child, but after having had her fingers burned in the past, she doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. This time she’s going to do things differently. She’ll do this her way, or not at all. Donor insemination seems like the ideal solution, except that Kate can’t reconcile herself to never meeting her baby’s father, far less not even knowing who he is. Determined to be in control of her own life, she advertises privately for a donor. Alex Turner appears to be the perfect match. Good looking, shy and intelligent, he ticks all the boxes. But appearances can be deceptive...

"Strong, pungent writing is Beckett's forte; lethal mind-games that are not for the squeamish" - The Times
"Brilliant. One of the best novels I've read in years" - Martina Cole

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