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Shuichi Yoshida - Villain

Shuichi Yoshida - Villain

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3.5/5 Goodreads

A young woman is brutally murdered on a remote mountain road. A young construction worker, Yuichi, is on the run - but is he guilty? This is the dark heart of Japan; a world of seedy sex hotels and decaying seaside towns; a world of loneliness, violence and desperation. As the police close in on Yuichi and his new lover, the stories of the victim, the murderer and their families are uncovered. But these men and women are never what they appear to be...

"Yoshida has been compared to Stieg Larsson for his pairing of lurid crime and social critique... He exposes cruelty and alienation at all levels of Japanese society" - New Yorker
"It isn't hard to see why it has caused a sensation among readers and critics in Japan. Villain is a superlative crime novel with intriguing twists" - Sunday Times

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