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ZZ Packer - Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

ZZ Packer - Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

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Paperback - Used

3.9/5 Goodreads

A black, motherless loner tries to come to terms with her radically unfamiliar surroundings as a Yale freshman; 14-year-old church girl Tia runs away to the big city; a bright young man makes a last-ditch attempt to understand his loser father on the Million Man March in Washington DC; at summer camp, an all-black Brownie troop decide to teach a troop of white Brownies a lesson for a racial insult they think they overheard...
Teeming with life and energy, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere is ZZ Packer's acclaimed debut. Never neatly resolved, these provocative and unforgettable tales resonate with honesty and wry humour, and announce the arrival of a major new talent - ZZ Packer.

"ZZ Packer tells it like it izz... her range is wide; her prose is vivid and often comic... her vision sizzles and fizzes." - John Updike
"If Toni Morrison has given black America back its history, ZZ Packer will shed light on its contemporary life. Serious and contentious, she never loses hold of the craft and delight of storytelling." - Diana Evans, Independent

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