About us

Vastela is a Zürich-based and second-hand online bookstore selling exclusively English books. We want to provide a sustainable book thrifting platform to ensure you can purchase any book at a fair price while remaining environmentally conscious.

NEW OFFER - Library Subscription

For only 10 CHF/month, you can purchase our 2024 Library subscription which allows you to swap books. Bring books and take a books whenever you want!

Bookclub Mondays

Bookclub Mondays happen every Monday at 7pm at Vastela Books. The concept is simple: bring a book you want to talk about and get the opportunity to share it and discuss it with the group. After the book club, you can swap the book you brought with someone else or with the bookstore.

No registration necessary.

Hope to see you Monday @ Goldbrunnenstrasse 120

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    Find all available second-hand English books on our website and order now with free shipping in Zürich City for orders above 15CHF

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    Send us your wishlist or let us know who your favorite authors are and we will thrift for you.

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    Don't know what to do with your old books? You can donate your english books to us. Bring them to the bookstore!

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