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Lucy Atkins - First-time Parent

Lucy Atkins - First-time Parent

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4.0/5 Goodreads

'You walk out into the hospital car park and it hits you: this baby, the one you're carrying now in his teeny car seat, in the outside world, is yours. It's an amazing feeling. It's also slightly terrifying. How can they expect you to look after him completely unaided? It's the new-parent wake-up call and it happens to us all.' And that's just the beginning. But don't panic, because within these pages you'll find the info and advice you need as a frazzled first-timer. Includes: - why your baby will cry, why you will want to as well, and what you can do about it - sleep: how you, and your baby, can get some - baby basics: from nappy-changing to winding, and why you don't need to be perfect to have a happy baby - eating: from breastfeeding (and bottle-feeding) to weaning - health panics: from skin rashes and green poo to temperatures and throwing up, when to worry - and when not to worry - user-friendly features throughout, such as Top 10 Worries (so you know you're not alone) and Five Things to Try (something's got to work)

"Eminently more friendly than most baby manuals" - Sunday Express
"An honest, down-to-earth guide" - Mother and Baby

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