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Camilla Way - Little Bird

Camilla Way - Little Bird

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Paperback - As new

3.9/5 Goodreads

Kate never speaks about the past, and you would never know at first who she was. But, if you looked closely, you might see how she glances nervously over her shoulder, as if she were being followed. If you paid attention, you might hear how carefully she speaks. And if you were to search, you might find the old newspaper clippings she keeps hidden away: Kidnap Girl "Like Wild Animal", The Mysterious Disappearance of "Little Bird".
But these are just fragments of a long buried past another life, another girl. Secrets left unspoken, until now...

"Hauntingly beautiful and emotionally truthful" - Marie Claire
"Brilliantly executed - it's simply impossible to put down" - Cosmopolitan

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