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Danielle Steel - Neighbours

Danielle Steel - Neighbours

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4.1/5 Goodreads

Meredith White was a Hollywood star, but after a personal tragedy she has shut herself away from the world, hiding in her San Francisco mansion.
When a devastating earthquake strikes, plunging the city into chaos, Meredith invites her now-homeless neighbours into her house as the recovery begins. From the respected doctor and his private cruelty, to the beautiful young woman whose boyfriend views her as a rich man's toy, and the brilliant concert pianist in his eighties, each has a story and a closely guarded secret.
With these growing connections, Meredith sees her years of isolation in a new light. As they begin to rebuild their lives, they come to understand that good things can come out of bad and that our lives can be upended in a moment - with acts of generosity, love and courage becoming the most powerful forces of all.

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