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Elizabeth George - With No One As Witness (Inspector Lynley #13)

Elizabeth George - With No One As Witness (Inspector Lynley #13)

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4.1/5 Goodreads

When the Metropolitan Police fail to realize a serial killer is at work, London ignites over the fact that the killer's victims are young black and mixed race boys. Institutionalised racism is
claimed by the community's activists and tabloids alike. Acting Superintendent Thomas Lynley is given the case, and finds himself thwarted by office politics as he tries to have Barbara Havers reinstated, and to keep control of events surrounding the murders. Soon, his Scotland Yard task force is handling an epidemic of killings and a looming tragedy.
Elizabeth George has written twelve internationally bestselling novels before turning her masterly pen to the theme of the serial killer. She brings to that familiar subject a freshness and clarity of vision that provide illuminating insight into the psychological complexity of the tortured criminal mind. She does so within a richly textured, thrillingly suspenseful narrative that defies any reader to predict the outcome. Nor does she neglect our favourite characters, whose private lives provide an engrossing counterpoint to their professional duties.

"The best plotter in the mystery game, [her] elegant literate flow puts many Brits to shame" - Time Out
"She writes extremely well, plots brilliantly and reaches an emotional level deeper than most... Captivating" - The Times

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