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Gerald Seymour - A Line in the Sand

Gerald Seymour - A Line in the Sand

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Hardback - As new

4.1/5 Goodreads

In a village on the Suffolk coast, Frank Perry waits for his past to arrive. He believed that it would never catch up with him, that he was safe. A decade before, he spied for the government on the Iranian chemical and biological weapons installations. He had privileged access and his information damaged their killing capacity for years.
Now, Iran will have its revenge and has despatched its most deadly assassin to fulfil the task. Codenamed the Anvil, he will move with stealth towards his chosen objective unless Perry's protectors can reach him first. But the first threat to Perry comes from closer to home. Within the local community many are outraged by the preparations being undertaken for his safety and, fearing for their lives, close ranks against him.
As the assassin draws nearer, the ring of steel protecting Perry grows tighter and the pressure from those whom he believed to be his friends grows stronger and more violent. But against a faceless adversary, and with the job fatally compromised by stifling political bureaucracy and domestic tension, there seems little chance that the past will not have its day once more...
A Line in the Sand is a powerful and thrilling novel about how the past can haunt the present and how profound its consequences can be. It is about public and private courage and the difficulties of uniting the two. Once again it demon- strates Gerald Seymour to be one of the most penetrating and compelling thriller writers of the modern era.

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