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Gerald Seymour - Beyond Recall

Gerald Seymour - Beyond Recall

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4.0/5 Goodreads

Gary 'Gaz' Baldwin is a watcher, not a killer. Operating with special forces deep in Syria, he is to observe a village, report and leave.
But what he witnesses is an appalling atrocity.
Months later, he is living on the Orkneys, far from Syria, far from the army, not far enough from the memories that hear destroyed him.
'Knacker' is one of the last old-school operators at M16.
When he learns that the officer responsible for the Syrian incident may be in Murmansk, northern Russia, he devises a plan to kill him. It will involve assets unlikely to be sanctioned by his bosses, so it must be done off the books.
But first, he will need a sure identification. And for that, he needs a watcher...

"Depicts the desperate world of an agent adrift behind enemy lines as few others can" - The Times
"Intricate, absorbing" - Observer 
"Highly enjoyable" - Guardian

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