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Gerald Seymour - Killing Ground

Gerald Seymour - Killing Ground

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3.8/5 Goodreads

A young English school teacher, Charlotte Parsons, is invited to resume her job as nanny to the children of a well-to-do Sicilian family. But this time Charley is the central figure in a desperate plot by the US Drug Enforcement Agency to trap Mario Ruggerio, putative head of the Sicilian Mafia, the man who masterminds a multi- billion dollar international drugs trade. Charley is to be live-bait and, in deciding to return to the Ruggerio family in Palermo, she is about to enter the killing ground.
This is Gerald Seymour's sixteenth novel. Here he has excelled himself in a brilliantly crafted thriller which captures, with utter conviction, the brooding atmosphere of Mafia-dominated Sicily: the old city of Palermo, the ancient hill villages where nothing moves but everything is seen, the sixth sense that pervades everyone when an assassination is pending - a heady mixture of impending horror and erotic excitement. And, at the centre of this primordial web of evil is Charley, the young English girl, destined either to be another Mafia victim or the unsuspected catalyst that can break the Family wide open.

"Seymour deservedly ranks among today's top thriller writers." - Sunday Express
"'It is time for Gerald Seymour to be recognized as ranking right up there with Graham Greene." - The New York Times

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