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Ian Rankin - Dead Souls (Inspector Rebus #10)

Ian Rankin - Dead Souls (Inspector Rebus #10)

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4.1/5 Goodreads

A call from an old friend brings back memories and more than a little guilt for DI John Rebus of the Lothian and Borders police. Suddenly it seems Edinburgh's streets are crowded with the lost and forgotten.
Stalking a poisoner at the local zoo, Rebus hits upon a freed paedophile, camera in hand. Outing the man rouses the vigilantes and leaves Rebus with mixed feelings and another weight on his conscience. But the straw that looks like breaking Rebus's back comes courtesy of the US government. Fêted by the tabloid press and put under Rebus's watchful eye, a convicted murderer is looking to play games with Rebus as his pawn...

"Rebus resurgent . . . A brilliantly meshed plot which delivers on every count on its way to a conclusion as unexpected as it is inevitable" - Literary Review
"Rankin's prose is understated, yet his canvas of Scotland's criminal underclass has a panoramic breadth. His ear for dialogue is as sharp as a switchblade. This is, quite simply, crime writing of the highest order" - Express

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