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Jack Nicklaus with Ken Bowden - My Story

Jack Nicklaus with Ken Bowden - My Story

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When American golf celebrated its centenary in 1988, Jack Nicklaus was crowned 'golfer of the century', and even today no one would dispute his right to this title. No other player in the history of golf has won as many major championships, or remained for so long at the top. Yet it is the manner in which he has played the game over the years which has earned Nicklaus the unstinting respect of golf lovers all over the world. He is a true sportsman, magnanimous in victory and gracious in defeat.
But throughout his career, compared with some of his more flamboyant contemporaries, he has exhibited a certain reserve about his motivations and personal life. In this masterly book the veil is drawn back and Jack Nicklaus presents himself, recounting the story of his life in frank and vivid detail. His accounts of the great matches of his career - from the US Amateur in 1959 to his sixth US Masters in 1986 - are absorbing and exciting to read. He talks freely about his early years, his father's inspiring encouragement, his marriage and unusually happy private life, his deep and lasting friendships - many of them with other great players - and his tremendous successes in business as a designer of courses and all-round entrepreneur.
But there is still more to this superb autobiography. Anyone who aspires to play the game, or any game, at the highest level must wonder what personal qualities enabled Nicklaus to outplay the rest. It is not just his outstanding talent. Here are the secrets of his commitment, his powers of concentration, his meticulous preparation, and his zest for winning.

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