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James Patterson & Peter de Jonge - The Beach House

James Patterson & Peter de Jonge - The Beach House

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Paperback - Used

4.2/5 Goodreads

The second that Columbia law student Jack Mullen steps down from the train at East Hampton, he knows that something is very wrong. As he greets his family, his kid brother Peter lies stretched out on a steel gurney, battered, bruised - dead. The police are calling it an accident, saying he drowned in stormy seas, but Jack knows that Pete, a strong swimmer, would never have risked the ocean at night in such conditions. And suicide makes no sense. Someone must have wanted his brother dead.
But the establishment says otherwise. As Jack tries to uncover what really happened on the beach that night, he confronts a wall of silence; a barricade of lawyers, police, and shadowy 'professionals' who protect the privileges of the multi-billionaire summer residents. And when he discovers that his brother had nearly $200,000 in his bank account, he realises Peter wasn't just parking cars to make a living...
THE BEACH HOUSE reveals the secret lives of the rich and powerful in a breathtaking drama of revenge and sexual intrigue - with a plot so absorbing and a finale so shocking it could only have come from the unique mind of James Patterson, writing with his co-author of MIRACLE ON THE 17TH GREEN, Peter de Jonge.

"I can't believe how good Patterson is. I have never begun a Patterson book and been able to put it down" - Larry King, USA Today
"A master of the suspense genre" - Sunday Telegraph

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