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James Ponti - Trapped!

James Ponti - Trapped!

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Hardback - Used

4.5/5 Goodreads

As unofficial consultants for the FBI, Florian and Margaret thought they'd seen it all. From art thefts to kidnappings, and even middle school pranks, no case is too small. But when their FBI super- visor, Marcus Rivers, is accused of a crime, it's up to this mystery- solving duo to jump into action and clear his name, because Marcus is more than their boss- he's family.
The case involves one of Marcus's first investigations for the FBI and a Russian spy ring. However, when the spy they are chasing learns what they're up to, the tables are turned, and Marcus finds himself implicated in a vari- ety of crimes, including theft, corruption, and espionage.
For Florian and Margaret, it just got personal. They're going to catch the spy and clear Marcus's name . . . even if they have to break into (and out of) the Library of Congress to do it.

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