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John Freeman - The Best New Writing on Change

John Freeman - The Best New Writing on Change

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Christy NaMee Eriksen captures how suddennessis often the accumulation of unbearable pressures.
Lauren Groff explores how returning to her hometown renders her as that too-exposed, too-seen, too-vulnerable child she once was.
Rick Bass calls us to pay attention to the reverberations which travel through wood.
Cristina Rivera Garza rewrites the myth of a mermaid, where a man is blown sideways by a woman who isn't his wife.
Rickey Laurentiis enacts the way their gender flummoxes its so-called viewers.
Ocean Vuong narrates a man's life backwards, and with each step into the before time, the inexorability of what just happened lifts away like smoke.
Adania Shibli tells a luminescent tale of a man building a small business of bus lines in contemporary Palestine.

And in three new poems, Sandra Cisneros captures the face of a boy with a machine gun in his lap, Julia Alvarez inverts the framework of background and foreground, and Aleksandar Hemon reimagines Walter Benjamin's journey across the Pyrenees in 1940.

"Illuminating... Perfect reading for our ever-accelerating times." - NPR's Book Concierge
"Freeman draws from a global cache of talent... An expansive reading experience." - Kirkus Reviews

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