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Lexie Elliott - The Missing Years

Lexie Elliott - The Missing Years

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Paperback - Used

3.6/5 Goodreads

Ailsa Calder has inherited half of a house. The other half belongs to a man who disappeared without a trace twenty-seven years ago-her father.
Leaving London behind to settle the in- heritance from her mother's estate, Ailsa returns to her childhood home, nestled among the craggy peaks of the Scottish High- lands, joined by the half sister who is almost a stranger to her.
Ailsa cannot escape the claustrophobic feeling that the house itself is watching her— as if her past hungers to consume her. She also cannot ignore how the neighborhood animals refuse to set foot within the gates of the garden.
When the first nighttime intruder shows up, Ailsa fears that the manor's careless, rug- ged beauty could cost her everything.

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