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Lisa Jackson - Liar Liar

Lisa Jackson - Liar Liar

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Paperback - As new

3.9/5 Goodreads

Remmi's mother was always a liar. Twenty years after her mysterious disappearance, Didi Storm makes headlines by jumping to her death from a San Francisco skyscraper. But could her lies have gotten her killed? It looks like a straightforward suicide. But Didi's daughter Remmi knows it isn't so simple. Because, though the broken body on the pavement is dressed in Didi's clothes and wig, it isn't her mother. And if Remmi finds the truth, could she be next? Who is the woman who jumped to her death? Is this related to Didi's disappearance? And is Remmi, the last of her family, safe? Because it seems that someone is willing to kill to keep the truth buried by twnty years of lies..

"Shiveringly good suspense" - Lisa Gardner

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