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Lisa Scottoline - Moment of Truth (Rosato and Associates #5)

Lisa Scottoline - Moment of Truth (Rosato and Associates #5)

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Paperback - Used

3.9/5 Goodreads

Jack Newlin is convinced he knows who killed
his wife and he'll do anything to shield the murderer from justice. Having staged the crime scene so the evidence incriminates him, Jack calls the police to confess. And to hammer the final nail in his own coffin, he hires the most inexperienced lawyer he can find, a reluctant rookie by the name of Mary DiNunzio.
Unfortunately for Jack, hiring Mary could turn out to be a huge mistake. Though inexperienced, she doubts his confession. And with help from the most unexpected sources, she sets out to prove what really happened. Because, as any lawyer knows, a case is never as simple as it seems. And nothing is ever certain until the final moment of truth.

"Moment of Truth is an edgy tale, full of surprises" - USA Today
"Grisham is fun, but Scottoline is more creative and her latest legal thriller, Moment of Truth, is a fresh addition to the genre... This is a book you pick up and find you can't go to bed until it's finished. Moment of Truth truly is a thriller that delivers" - San Francisco Examiner

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