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Penelope Lively - According to Mark

Penelope Lively - According to Mark

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3.6/5 Goodreads

Mark Lamming leaves London for Dorset one spring morning, unaware that he is leaving his safe and manageable present behind... A respected literary biographer, Mark is working on the life of Gilbert Strong - a writer about whom he thinks he knows everything. A happily married man, dedicated to a life of letters, he nevertheless manages to fall in love with Strong's granddaughter, and vague and unsophisticated young woman more interested in bedding plants and alpines than books or passion. As the summer of Mark's obsessions steams along, he begins to understand that nothing is ever exactly what it seems - certainly not Gilbert Strong. And certainly not himself.

"A major talent" - London Review of Books
"Vivid, acute...funny and always readable" - Financial Times

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