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Martin Cruz Smith - Wolves Eat Dogs (Arkady Renko #5)

Martin Cruz Smith - Wolves Eat Dogs (Arkady Renko #5)

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3.9/5 Goodreads

Chernobyl : the Zone of Exclusion. A ghostly place, deserted and forgotten for almost two decades; now inhabited by militia, shady scavengers, a few reckless scientists, and some elderly Ukrainian peasants who would rather ignore the Geiger counters than relocate. This is the eerie and dangerous world Inspector Arkady Renko must navigate if he is to find out the truth behind the death of one of Russia's richest oligarchs... Pasha Ivanov has been found dead on the pavement outside his luxury high-rise apartment in Moscow. It seems like a straightforward suicide, but Renko, never one to take evidence at face value, refuses to drop the case, and there is something puzzling him: a mountain of salt found in Ivanov's wardrobe... Determined to look deeper into the circumstances of Ivanov's demise, he acquaints himself with this wealthy businessman's powerful and corrupt circle, until his investigations lead him to Chernobyl's notorious Zone of Exclusion, where the body of Lev Timofeyev, Ivanov's former research partner, has been discovered in a contaminated cemetery... Masterfully crafted and told with extraordinary insight and imaginative breadth, the bestselling author of GORKY PARK brings us Renko's most beguiling and unusual adventure to date.

"A solid reminder of just how good the Renko books are... the tenacious Renko, cutting his way through bureaucratic corruption and Russian mafia violence to crack tangled mysteries, is one of the great creations of modern crime fiction" - Sunday Express
"The barren, brutalised landscape seems to have inspired Cruz Smith to new heights, for it provides his thriller with a richness and depth that is quite exceptional" - Daily Mail

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