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Martin O'Brien - Jacquot and the Angel (Daniel Jacquot #3)

Martin O'Brien - Jacquot and the Angel (Daniel Jacquot #3)

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3.9/5 Goodreads

A shotgun fired repeatedly at close range and a wealthy German family living in Provence is wiped out. Chief Inspector Daniel Jacquot's murder investigation is one of the most baffling - and personal cases of his career.
Many of the villagers in the region remember only too well the atrocities committed during World War Two. But Jacquot soon finds that some memories are less reliable than others...
When a mysterious young woman arrives claiming a special insight, her presence could be a breakthrough. But the trail takes ever-darker turns into a story of love, betrayal, hatred and blackmail that goes back more than half a century...

"Well-drawn, strongly flavoured setting in Marseilles... with grisly forensics. Rich, spicy and served up with unmistakeable relish" - Literary Review
"O'Brien's evocation of the hot, vibrant and seedy French port is as masterly as Ian Rankin's depiction of Edinburgh" - Daily Mail

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