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Michael Ondaatje - Divisadero

Michael Ondaatje - Divisadero

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3.5/5 Goodreads

It is the 1970s in Northern California. A farmer and his teenage daughters, Anna and Claire, work the land with the help of Coop, the enigmatic young man who lives with them. Theirs' is a makeshift family, until they are riven by an incident of violence - of both hand and heart - that 'sets fire to the rest of their lives'. This is a story of possession and loss, about the often discordant demands of family, love, and memory. Written in the sensuous prose for which Michael Ondaatje's fiction is celebrated, "Divisadero" is the work of a master story-teller.

"Deeply romantic but vividly traumatic... This novel bravely jostles the uncomfortable edges of literary story-telling" - Alan Warner, Guardian
"Astonishingly beautiful...Ondaatje writes about love as if in a fever, the prose reaching a delirious beauty...its emotional impact can stun you into silence" - The Times
"Ravishing and intricate...Unforgettable" - Pico Iyer, New York Review of Books
"One of the most enthralling literary journey I have taken in the last few years... A miracle" - Ariel Dorfman

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