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Michael Ridpath - Meltwater (Fire and Ice #3)

Michael Ridpath - Meltwater (Fire and Ice #3)

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4.0/5 Goodreads

Freeflow is a group of internet activists dedicated to freedom
of information. They have video evidence of a military atrocity in the Middle East and are preparing to unleash it on the world's media from their Iceland HQ. On the glacial rim of an erupting volcano, they christen their endeavour Operation Meltwater.
Minutes later, one of them is murdered.
Magnus Jonson knows Freeflow has antagonised many people - but he's getting little help in refining the list of suspects. For a group dedicated to transparency, they're a secretive bunch.
They are not the only ones with secrets. Ásta, a newly qualified priest, has contacted Freeflow with information about a scandal in the Church. Her involvement with Freeflow will cost her dearly.
And with the return of Magnus's brother to Iceland, the feud that has haunted their family for three generations is about to reignite...

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