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Michael Ridpath - Traitor's Gate (Traitors #1)

Michael Ridpath - Traitor's Gate (Traitors #1)

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3.7/5 Goodreads

Berlin, 27 September 1938
Dearest Father,
By the time you receive this letter he will be dead. The newspapers will say that his assassin was an unknown German officer.
It wasn't. It was me.
Conrad de Lancey has seen enough of evil: the shadow of fear on the faces of innocents; the roar of tanks through empty streets; the sudden lull before the slaughter begins. Franco's bloody insurrection taught this Englishman all about hell.
Arriving in his mother's country, the now Nazi Germany, Conrad is sick at heart. Even Berlin - infamous haven of decadence and vice - salutes fascism. Himmler's black- shirted troops rule the city, and every German arm bears a Swastika. But does every German heart belong to Hitler?
When Conrad is arrested by the Gestapo on suspicion of spying, he is rescued by Theo, an old friend from university, now a lieutenant of the Wehrmacht. Together they are drawn into a world of danger and deceit, of plots, paranoia and intrigue where the brave few are united by a single ambition: to free the fatherland from
the Führer.

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