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Mick Herron - Joe Country (Slough House #8)

Mick Herron - Joe Country (Slough House #8)

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4.3/5 Goodreads

This is the eighth novel of the Slough House series
In Slough House memories are stirring, all of them bad. Catherine Standish is buying booze again, Louisa Guy is raking over the ashes of lost love, and new recruit Lech Wicinski, whose sins make him outcast even among the slow horses, is determined to discover who destroyed his career, even if he tears his life apart in the process.
And with winter taking its grip Jackson Lamb would sooner be left brooding in peace, but even he can’t ignore the dried blood on his carpets. So when the man responsible breaks cover at last, Lamb sends the slow horses out to even the score.
This time, they’re heading into joe country.
And they’re not all coming home.

"The UK's new spy master" - Sunday Times 
"Amid scabrous one-liners, Herron's compassion for his gang of misfits shines through; you'll be missing their company the moment you finish reading" - The Times, Books of the Year
"If you haven't yet immersed yourself in the world of slough house, the arena for Herron's jaded and thoroughly imperfect spies, you've a treat in store" - Financial Times, Books of the Year

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