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Nadine Gordimer - Burger's Daughter

Nadine Gordimer - Burger's Daughter

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Paperback - Used

3.5/5 Goodreads

After the death of legendary anti-apartheid activist, Lionel Burger, his daughter Rosa finds herself adrift in a South Africa she no longer knows. Previously her life had been surrounded, created by politics. Now, confronting the left-wing legacy her father represented, as well as the rise of a militant Black Consciousness movement, she is involved in a 'children's revolt' of her own. But where and how will she find her own identity?
Emerging from the darkest days of apartheid, in its moods of elegy, homage and compassion, Burger's Daughter is a great political novel not only of South Africa but of the twentieth century.

"A beautifully manipulated work of art" - Observer 
"A novel of social and political importance which is also an intensely subjective prose poem, mesmerising in the subtle cadences of its language" - Joyce Carol Oates

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