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Simon Beckett - Stone Bruises

Simon Beckett - Stone Bruises

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3.5/5 Goodreads

Sean is on the run. We don't know why and we don't know who from. But under a relentless French sun, he's abandoned his car and taken to the parched fields and lanes. And now he's badly injured. Almost unconscious from pain and loss of blood, he's found and taken in by two women from an isolated farm. Their father is violently protective of his privacy and makes his dislike of the young Englishman clear. Sean's uncertain whether he's a patient or a prisoner, but there's something beguiling about this tranquil and remote place. 
Trying to lose himself in the heat and dust of a French summer, he comes to realize that the farm has secrets of its own. It's the perfect hiding place, but that means nobody knows he is there...
...which would make it the perfect place to die. 

"A gripping psychological thriller" - Daily Express

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