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Martin Cruz Smith - Red Square (Arkady Renko #3)

Martin Cruz Smith - Red Square (Arkady Renko #3)

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4.0/5 Goodreads

There was not a great deal the pathologist could make of Rosen's charred remains after the wheeler- dealer's car had burst into flames at a midnight black-market rendezvous off the Moscow ring road. It looked like a bomb - but no one had seen a thing, the witnesses had gone to ground. Arkady Renko, Special Investigator (re- instated) with the Moscow Prosecutor's Office, had precious little to go on. As Renko sifted his scraps of information he was pulled off the case and another man promoted to take charge of it. But one didn't get rid of Renko that easily. The Mafia that controlled Moscow's black market (and extended its tentacles to Munich and Berlin) were like termites swarming in an overripe cheese, and Arkady planned to cut the cheese right open-his contribution to improving the Muscovite quality of life, such as it was. Readers of Gorky Park and Polar Star will be delighted to find once again the ingredients that distinguished Martin Cruz Smith's Renko thrillers: a richly intricate mystery, beautifully sketched characters against an authentic back- ground - this time shabby Moscow, a new Germany at once teutonically efficient and frighteningly corrupt and above all the dry, astringent wit of that uncrushable Slav ironist, Arkady Renko, whose destiny is once more to find the lost love of his earlier life and to suffer again.

"I can't remember when I have been as excited by a new crime novel as I was by Martin Cruz Smith's powerful, compassionate and original novel" - P. D. James
"It is a brilliantly worked study of the nature of intelligence and security without their fatally limiting capital letters" - Jonathan Raban, Sunday Times

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