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Stephen Leather - Breakout (Lex Harper #2)

Stephen Leather - Breakout (Lex Harper #2)

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4.0/5 Goodreads

An action-packed standalone thriller from Sunday Times bestselling author Stephen Leather featuring hitman-for-hire Lex Harper.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. And no one is a better friend than hitman-for-hire Lex Harper.
When a mate from his past ends up in a Bolivian prison, Harper doesn't think twice about going to his aid.
Beatings, rapes and murders are an everyday occurrence in the prison - and that's just the guards. But the only way to break his friend out is for Harper to put his own life on the line, in a place where death comes quickly and only the strong survive.
Getting into the prison is easy enough - but can Harper get out? And how many people will he have to kill to make it back?

"He has the uncanny knack of producing plots that are all too real" - Daily Mail
"Let Spider draw you into his web, you won't regret it." - The Sun

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