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Timothy Hallinan - Nighttown

Timothy Hallinan - Nighttown

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4.0/5 Goodreads

Los Angeles burglar Junior Bender never takes a job that pays more than it's worth: in the criminal underworld, when you do that, someone ends up dead. But he's bending his rule this once because he and his girlfriend, Ronnie, need cash to hire a kidnapper to snatch her son back from her ex. It's complicated.
The circumstances of the job don't help much. An anonymous woman in an orange wig offers Junior fifty grand to break into an abandoned house to steal a doll. Junior knows no doll is worth that much, so he figures something important is stashed inside it. It doesn't take him long to realize he's not the only one looking for it, and when an old friend ends murdered, Junior will stop at nothing to figure out who his employer is, and why she wants the doll badly enough to leave a trail of bodies in her wake.

"If you enjoy the ironic wit and criminal adventures of Lawrence Block's Bernie Rhodenbarr, then you'll want to read Timothy Hallinan's Nighttown. Junior Bender is one of my favorite fictional felons." - Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
"Hallinan's top-notch prose and plotting are reminiscent of Lawrence Block and Elmore Leonard." - Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

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