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W.C Sellar & R. J. Yeatman - 1066 and All That

W.C Sellar & R. J. Yeatman - 1066 and All That

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4.0/5 Goodreads

1066 and All That is a book that has itself become part of our history. The authors made the claim that 'All the History you can remember is in the Book' - and, for most of us, they were probably right. But it is their own unique interpretation of events that has made the book a classic; the result is an uproarious satire textbook history and our confused recollections of it.

"Possibly the best thing of its kind ever done. Indeed the only thing of its precise kind... Quotation is hopeless: every sentence clamours for it" - Observer
"One of the permanent treasures of Eng. Lit. as entertainment - And All That" - Frank Muir

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