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Alice Walker - You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down

Alice Walker - You Can't Keep a Good Woman Down

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Paperback - Used

4.0/5 Goodreads

A natural evolution from the earlier, much-acclaimed short-story collection In Love & Trouble, these fourteen provocative and often humorous stories show women oppressed but not defeated. No longer do they excuse the aggression of others; no longer are they suspended in their unhappy condition. The women here claim every bit of space they make. These are modern stories: about love, lust, fame, and cultural thievery; the perils of pornography, abortion, and rape; the delight of new lovers; and the rediscovery of old friends, affirmed even across self-imposed color lines.

"These are stories from a woman who has under her control as a writer a wide range of material, from the lives of the ordinary poor to the lives of artists and academics... and who can enter their experiences with sympathy but without sentimentality." - The Washington Post
"Alice Walker shrinks from no moral or emotional complexity, and she writes consummately skillful short stories...A marvelous writer" - San Francisco Chronicle

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